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If you've heard that visual tools are available that can make your meetings more interactive and engaging, if you have wanted to bring the power of your PowerPoint presentations to any size conference call, then here is the place to get all the answers and the widest range of solutions. 

Two Technologies for Multi-media Conferencing

The Internet is playing an increasing role in effective meetings.  Two complementary technologies have emerged and become popular: Web Conferencing and Webcasting.  Both use the Internet to deliver visuals to your audience on their personal computer.  Web Conferencing lends itself to small to medium sized meetings with plenty of interaction between the participants.  Webcasting is ideal for reaching medium to large audiences where low cost per participant is key.

Think of the applications:

  • New Product Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Sales Meetings
  • Executive Communications
  • Employee Training
  • Sales Presentations
  • Continuing Education
  • Shareholder Communications
  • All Company Meetings
  • Live Political Events

Web Conferencing 

How does it work?  Your telephone provides the audio portion of the Web Conference.  Web Conferencing works with any type of conference call that you are already using.  Your PC connected to the Internet provides the visual portion of Web Conference.

Features available with Web Conferencing:

  • Slide Presentations - Deliver a multimedia presentation to your audience including animation and embedded video/audio.
  • Streaming - Live audio and/or video can be streamed and synchronized with the leaders' presentation.
  • Application Sharing - Instantly broadcast any application running on your computer.  Pass control to participants, allowing them to collaborate in real-time.
  • Annotation - Drive your point home by creating real-time notations on your slides: arrows, highlighting, typing and freehand drawing.
  • Web Tour - Take your participants on a virtual web tour.  Any site on the Internet can now be a part of your presentation.
  • Chat and Live Q&A - Send online messages to any participant or the entire audience.  Chat allows participants to interact without interrupting the presentation and Live Q&A allows the presenter to moderate a controlled Question and Answer session.
  • Security, Archiving, Polling, Show Management and Technical Support - Let our experienced Call Specialists help you choose from all of the available features to design a powerful program.

Pick the Web Conferencing Solution that is Best for You:  Our Web Conferencing offerings include the most popular services in the industry.  Why should you commit to just one Web Conferencing technology?  There is no need to buy a software license and pay monthly or annual "per seat" fees.  We have done that already and offer you these products on a simple, per minute basis:

  • From Microsoft and PlaceWare - ConferenceVisuals is our private label version of the Microsoft's popular Live Meeting product.
  • Powered by WebEx - MeetingVisuals gives you all of the features that have made WebEx the fastest growing Web Conferencing product.
  • M.Show - When the flexibility and creative freedom are important, M.Show from InterCall is the most advanced Web Conferencing service on the market.
  • Licensed from WebDialogs - StartVisuals is a simple, inexpensive Web Presentation and Application Sharing tool.

Click here for a detailed PDF: Web Conferencing Feature Comparison


The Power and Reach of a Radio or Television Broadcast at a fraction of the cost:  Webcasting is broadcasting audio/video and slides over the Internet.  No longer a "lecture only" medium; Webcasting can be interactive and measurable.  Increase the visual impact of your sales presentation, product launch or investor relations announcement with your own PowerPoint slides.  Best of all, Webcasting is secure, accessible and very cost effective.

Webcasting allows you to lower your communication costs and increase your presentation  effectiveness by:

  • Increasing the size of your audience while reducing the cost to reach each participant.
  • Extending your reach to any location, worldwide, without worrying about international long-distance rates.
  • Extending the life of your event with an archived version of your presentation posted for viewing on-demand.
  • Involving your live audience with Questions & Answers and real-time Polling to provide you immediate feedback.
  • Sharing dynamic information with customers, employees, stockholders, business partners and the public.

It is simple and easy to do.  We have Program Specialists who work with you to plan your live Webcast:  We provide complete end-to-end production and technical management for you including:

  • Advance Event Planning and Coordination
  • Event and Registration Web Page Design
  • Audience Registration services - live and on-line
  • Pre-event Testing and Rehearsal
  • Reminder e-mail for registered participants
  • Post-event Reporting
  • Post-event Editing and Archiving
  • Design, Development and manufacture of Interactive Multi-media CD Programs

Webcasting can be a major factor in decreasing the cost of doing business, while increasing productivity by allowing you to reach your audience anywhere and at anytime.  Let us help you maximize your event experience with the safest and most cost effective form of communication - an on-line Webcast.  

Click here for a detailed PDF: Live Webcasting and Archived Webposting

More about Web Conferencing and Webcasting

Click here for more information on How Web Conferencing and Webcasting Work.







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