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Reservationless Services

Reservationless conferencing is the fastest growing application of conference call technology today. You can call our 800 836-3920 Reservations Line and get your permanent Dial-in Number as well as your Passcode. This special combination of Dial in Number and Passcode is available AT ALL TIMES. It will be YOUR set of numbers. You never need to call us again.

How the Reservationless Call Works:

Once you have your permanent Dial-in Number and Passcode set, anytime you want to have a conference you only need to let the participants know the date, time, dial-in number and Passcode. Participants will be automatically prompted to enter the Passcode when they dial in. The Passcode gives the bridge the direction to put each participant into the correct conference call.

As with all CONTACT conference calls, there is always an operator available by pressing *0 (star-zero) anytime during the call.

Two Types of Reservationless Conferencing:

Choose the Reservationless Conferencing Account that is right for You:

Reservationless Express:  Our simplest and most popular service.  Features include:

  •          Up to 100 participants
  •          Choose one or two Passcodes
  •          Entry/Exit Tones
  • *0      for Operator Assistance
  • *6      to Mute / Unmute your own line

Click here for a detailed PDF: Reservationless Express

Reservationless Plus:  Offers additional features and keypad controls:

  •           All of the above features Plus:
  •           International Toll Free Service (ITFS)
  •           Many Web-based features for Web Conferencing,
              Scheduling, etc.  TeleconferenceCenter
  • *0      for Operator Assistance
  • *2       to Begin / End Conference Record
  • *3       Change Entry/Exit method
               (Recorded Names, Tones, Silence)
  • *4       Private Roll Call
  • *5/#5  Mute / Unmute - Group (all lines except Leader)
  • *6/#6  Mute / Unmute - Individual line
  • *7/#7  Lock / Unlock conference
  • *8       Closes the call when Leader exits
  • *#       Participant count
  • **       List Keypad Commands

Click here for a detailed PDF: Reservationless Plus

How to Set Up a Reservationless Conference Call Account:

You can call 800 836-3920 and set up your account by phone.

Don't forget our 100 Free Minutes offer to first time users.


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Reservationless Plus users: Click here to logon to your TeleconferenceCenter control panel