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At times the personal touch of a live operator is required for special calls. They can check in each participant, taking down participant names and company names or can check participants off a list for security purposes. Operators can moderate question-and-answer sessions for large presentations; they can introduce individual speakers or moderate a panel discussion with world-wide participants. 

Add Layers of Sophistication to your Call/Event with the following Features:

Our Special Event Coordinators work with you personally before, during, and after your call to make sure that your message is delivered clearly, smoothly, and professionally. In other words, we hold your hand throughout the entire process.  Here are some available options:

  • Pre-call fax/e-mail notification and call reminders
  • Pre-call walk-through with our Event Coordinator
  • Dial-out to participants (International and Domestic)
  • International Toll Free Service (ITFS)
  • Our Operators check in all participants
  • Special check-in security passwords/guest list
  • Operator announces participants and/or presenters
  • Roll Call of all conference attendees
  • Private sub-conferencing
  • Listen-only/lecture mode
  • Operator moderated Question and Answer sessions
  • Voting and Polling services
  • Conference Recording and Playback
  • Post-conference participant list (e-mail or fax)
  • Digital recordings available in tape or CD

For more details on these and other call features download our PDF brochure:  Operator Assisted Event Features

Web Conferencing adds visuals to your audio conference event

Web conferencing allows you to show a slide presentation, take guests on a virtual web tour, share desktop applications and documents with them all via their Internet-connected PCs.

For more details download our PDF brochure: Web Conferencing

Webcasting reaches a wide audience economically

Webcasting is broadcasting audio and visuals over the Internet.   Increase the visual impact of your presentation with your PowerPoint slides.  Flat fee pricing make a Webcast your most economical medium for larger audiences.

For more details download our PDF brochure: Webcasting

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