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CONTACT Conference Service is an audio-conference provider founded on the principle that customer service is key to a successful business.

Of course, saying that alone is not enough. At CONTACT you will find consistent high quality services, helpful staff, competitive rates, and clear, detailed invoices.


Call us 24 hours a day to reserve a conference call or to change your service profile.

Reservations / Operations
(800) 836-3920

Give us a call if you have any questions about products, prices, applications, and invoices.

Customer Support
(800) 837-3143 or


Contact Conference Service, Inc.
5 Hap Terrace
Danville, California 94506


Privacy Policy?

Any information provide to CONTACT Conference Service will only be used to assist us in providing your conferencing services.  We will not sell your account information to any third party.  Click her to see our complete Privacy Policy or call us at:

(800) 837-3143